IBM announces newest Power10 Processor, taps Samsung for manufacturing: All the details here

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International Business Manufacturing corp. (IBM) on Monday revealed a new processor chip, IBM Power10. This processor chip will be manufactured by Samsung. It’s  a product of a partnership that dates back more than a decade.

According to IBM, Power10 can deliver up to three times the performance of its predecessor Power9. This chip has been designed to be faster at artificial intelligence computing tasks than its predecessor. The IBM Power10 processor is an important evolution in IBM’s roadmap for POWER. 

IBM’s new POWER10 chip[Picture provided by IBM]

 IBM Power10 is IBM’s first commercialized processor built using 7nm process technology .The chip will use Samsung’s 7-nanometer chip manufacturing process, which is similar to the 7-nanometer technology that Advanced Micro Devices uses to have its chips made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC).

IBM Power10 7nm processors on a silicon wafer[Picture provided by IBM]

According to IBM, Systems taking advantage of IBM POWER10 are expected to be available in the second half of 2021.

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