TechniQ core values.

We Foster Education

TechniQ build pc's make their ways to various educational institutes across India. All of our pc's are hand built with utmost care. 

We Pursue Excellence

We strive to make our pc's reach the ultimate benchmark in the CAD/CAM industry, GAMING, Rendering, content editing.

We Practice Honesty

With a price lock feature and 1 year of complete free support, we also bring forward honest pricing's in tandem with the current market values. Rest assured you are in good hands!

We Create Fun

Keeping aside our technical excellence and knowledge we strive to make your experience with us a fun one! With 24x5 support throughout the year, rest assured we have kept all your needs covered.

About our process.


We purchase original  PC components according to your requirements  from our trusted partner MDComputers Kolkata.

We have expert hardware engineers at our disposal who then assembles the parts according to your specifications, we only deliver 10pc's per month across India, bulk orders are not taken currently due to the wake of the pandemic.

Next our Software Engineers installs BIOS updates which energizes the pc and enables it to handle high end games smoothly. We have gaming experts at our disposal who knows how to give you a great gaming experience with your rig.

Next we carefully pack your system and ship it to your address securely and safely, we accept COD as well.